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The Problem

bulletOne of your greatest challenges is the retention of premium talent as you grow your enterprise in the increasingly competitive global economy.

bulletThe loss of productivity and the cost of replacing personnel can easily exceed 200% of your employees’ annual salaries, and 10% of your business revenues.

bulletProfessional development is one
of the most important factors top professionals look for when deciding to join – and stay with – an organization.

The Solution

bulletAs you help your managers and executives take charge of their careers, you'll bring their performance and behaviors into alignment with organizational goals.

bulletYour managers will contribute more, experience a renewal of commitment to your organization, and accelerate upward momentum
in their own careers.

bulletYou'll improve retention of high-
performing employees, increase levels of engagement, and strengthen your reputation as an employer of choice.

bulletYou'll gain dedicated contributors who are equipped to lead significant, positive change in your organization.

Client Response

“On behalf of our management team, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the seminar and other services you provided to our supervisors and employees. Your presentation was very efficient and effective. Thank you for your interest and commitment!”

– W. McTigue,
Human Resources Officer


“Many thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with our employees. Your program was outstanding, and the materials you provided were most helpful. Also, your message and delivery style were excellent!”

– M. Callahan,
Software Executive


“Your program was definitely a 5-star performance! You presented the information in an easy-to-use framework and supported your topic points with useful examples. The handout was a great reference guide for implementing all the concepts.”

– R. Schilling,
Human Resources Professional

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Is Improving Retention of Your Top Performers and Reducing High Turnover Costs Important to Your CEO?

Research from The Harvard Business Review, Fortune magazine, and the global CEO organization, Vistage International, indicates that “attracting, retaining, and developing top talent” is the #1 priority of CEOs of companies with more than 100 employees.

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study of 200 well-established management practices at 160 companies over a ten-year period. This research found that "the winners achieve deep bench strength. It’s cheaper and more reliable to develop stars than to buy them. The best companies create top-of-the-line training programs to hold onto talented employees and develop more of them."

Here are some important questions for you and your management team to consider:

  • Have you had difficulty retaining high-performing executives?
  • Have you tried to improve retention and reduce the high costs of turnover – but you're still not satisfied?
  • Are you ready to help your best managers re-engage and re-commit to generating stronger bottom-line results?
  • Are you ready to implement a breakthrough career development program to attract, develop and retain top talent?
  • Would you like to get a better return on your Human Resource investment, and increase your company's marketplace success?

According to a study of more than 1 million employees at 330 companies worldwide by the Hay Group, summarized in a white paper entitled The Retention Dilemma:

“Yes, money matters, but it is not really about money. If you do not know why people are leaving, you cannot possibly stop the bleeding. What people want most is to feel their careers are moving forward.”

Since The Career Potential Seminar puts career development right back into the hands of your top managers and high-potential employees, it has a direct impact on your organization’s ability to retain top talent.

Not Sure if Investing in Retention Makes Sense for Your Organization?

Forget the cost of turnover – consider your return on retention! There are many “cost of turnover” calculators on the web, which are overly complicated, confusing, and difficult to complete. Why? Because employee turnover has many costs, both direct and indirect. More on that in a moment. First, let’s talk about your organization’s return on retention.

Click here to quickly determine your organization’s Real Cost of Turnover.

Turnover Costs are Misleading. The value of retaining one strong manager is many times greater than the cost of losing one, because keeping a valued employee for a long period of time can save 10, 20 or more “turnovers” in that job.

Want to see your Real Cost of Turnover, calculated with your company’s salary information? Click here.

Career Seminar Overview

The 2-Day Career Potential Seminar gives your fast-rising managers and high-potential executives the momentum to significantly boost their performance. It also gives leading organizations the ability to attract, develop, and retain premium talent in order to continually improve their market position. As a professional development investment, The Career Potential Seminar is truly “win-win-win” for employees, managers, and the organization itself.

The program provides a one-of-a-kind internal career development experience, which has a powerful impact and leaves a lasting impression. Appropriate for mid- to upper-level managers across the organization, the program is fully customized to each client’s corporate environment.

Download a complete PDF brochure about

The Career Potential Seminar

Download a complete PDF brochure about the Career Potential Seminar
Learn how to fully engage and develop
your high-potential managers!

When you want your employees to launch their careers into high gear, this seminar provides the key strategies, tactics, and principles upon which they can build lasting career success. The program produces meaningful, lasting skills to enhance participants’ professional effectiveness, and thus increases your organization’s overall success.

In summary, The Career Potential Seminar helps you optimize your investment in premium talent, increase productivity and profitability, and prepare your high-potential managers to contribute even more.

Personnel Dynamics, Inc. research indicates that the actual bottom-line cost of employee turnover is between 100% and 250% of an employee's annual pay.

Career Seminar Outcomes

Here is a “snapshot” of typical participants after experiencing The Career Potential Seminar. They will...

  • Align their talents with the organization’s priorities and business objectives.
  • Have a detailed roadmap that will get them to their career destinations while making significant contributions to their team and the company.
  • Develop internal confidence, and the right leadership behaviors that give them both political and positional power – plus an arsenal of specific tactics they can use to influence others with integrity.
  • Become a force for driving results, discovering possibilities, and maximizing potential throughout the organization.
  • Increase other employees’ levels of personal engagement and productivity (peers, managers, and direct reports).
  • Communicate, collaborate, and innovate more effectively – even under situations of high stress and continuous change.
  • Be better equipped to manage others and create their own career paths, based on a deeper understanding of their own strengths, skills, preferences, and capabilities.
The Great Place to Work Institute found that companies that get their people practices right (those companies that made this list since 1998) enjoy an annualized stock market return that beats the S&P 500 by 18 percentage points.

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